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We were founded in 2001 out of an obsession with the Internet and a vision to grow brands’ share of the future. We’ve since grown into a creatively-driven, technologically savvy production-house-meets-agency focused on one thing: making stuff the Internet loves. Because we know that what the Internet loves today becomes culture tomorrow.


  • Content that shifts perceptions and earns attention.

    We are nerds. We are curious. We dig deeper and look for the awesome stuff that creates engaging connections between brands and their audiences. The result is content built to share, with distribution baked in from the start.

    Platforms that
    redefine conventions.

    We use technology to change the relationship consumers have with brands. From retail to loyalty programs—or even social good—technology allows us to establish more meaningful and personal connections. And if that kind of technology doesn't exist, we create it.

    Useful and elegant
    products and tools.

    We design websites and applications with real purpose—from concept to deployment—ensuring brands a coveted place in their consumers' everyday lives.

Our Work


KIND is a small snack bar company in a category of giants. To compete with the big boys, they needed to find a way to increase awareness and trial, while staying true to their small-brand feel and social mission to celebrate kindness. So together, we launched #kindawesome: a program that rewards kindness, with KIND bars. We simply asked participants to spot a kind act and send a KIND snack at howkindofyou.com.

GE Drop Science

In order to illustrate the important relationship between sound and science, we collaborated with musician, Matthew Dear and GE Acoustics Engineer, Andrew Gorton, to gather over 1000 discrete samples recorded at GE facilities. From these, Dear composed an original electronic track featuring sounds from the world’s largest machines, all culminating in a much-anticipated drop.

Drone Week

GE introduced #DRONEWEEK on Periscope – the first-ever live multicast of the world’s most powerful machines. Over five days, a custom-built drone flew over and into the guts of five different GE facilities. Dramatic flyover footage was paired with interviews and expert commentary from GE scientists and technologists. The weeklong event took viewers across the country: From a Blow-Out-Preventer manufacturing facility in Houston, TX; to a wind farm in Tehachapi, CA and more.

Pepsi Pass

Pepsi Pass is the customer loyalty program reimagined. Instead of simply tallying points redeemable for swag, Pepsi Pass works off the insight that its millennial target values experiences over stuff. So Pass incorporates innovative mobile technology, such as GPS and seamless Facebook integration, to create a program that incentivizes consumers to hang out with friends.


Samsung CenterStage is an immersive digital retail experience that utilizes an interactive touch screen showroom to elegantly showcase the brand’s home appliances line, in a one-to-one ratio as they appear in real life situations. CenterStage is both beautiful and useful; and initial results from the first installations in two Chicago Best Buy stores are impressive. Nearly 20% of shoppers who interacted with CenterStage in the first month purchased a Samsung home appliance in that store. Of those customers who experienced CenterStage, 16% of them ended up purchasing a Samsung appliance.


The City of New York asked us to create a striking way to inform drivers of the citywide speed limit. We created citywide road signs that would display a skeleton next to the words 'SLOWDOWN' to drivers going over the speed limit. This simple, powerful image garnered attention across print, online, and televised media spreading the message of safety, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg called it “one of the more brilliant ideas I’ve ever heard.”


The Clinique app combines Clinique’s 48 years of skin-care and makeup wisdom with mobile technology and a branded, easy-to-use experience. Daily tips, polls and quizzes, personalized to her skin type and skin concerns, educate her on her skin. A daily skin forecast provides product recommendations based on her skin conditions and local weather. The app also gives her direct access to Clinique Consultants, via text or video chat, for one-on-one skin-care and make-up advice from anywhere.

Crystal Pepsi

We successfully relaunched Pepsi's clear soda with a witty campaign–which answered the demand of our audience on the web– that run exclusively on Pepsi's own social and interactive channels. In under 1 hour we had over 65,000 requests for Crystal Pepsi via Pepsi Pass, the loyalty app conceived and developed by us at The Barbarian Group.

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